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Under new management Richard Peter's Opticians has been rebranded and rebirthed as Refraction.With a 38 years history within the community, we are renowned for our excellent clinical knowledge, outstanding attention to detail and aesthetic sensibility.

As one of the new wave of Opticians, we have a fantastic experienced team who puts immense effort to provide care, great customer service and quality. We believe in our client’s individuality, which drives the passion to source out the most distinct products to suit them.


We're not just your typical opticians. In addition to full eye examinations, contact lens fittings & special needs eyecare we have unique services that make us stand out.



The only location in North Finchley where we can make glasses with a quick turn-around.We make most of the spectacles on premises as we offer a commendable spectacle fitting service. 



We can often fix on your glasses whilst you wait for same-day repairs. There is always a solution and we can help you salvage your glasses. It is worth having a look at different avenues, whether to fix your current ones or transferring lenses into a new frame.


Home Testing

Testing in the comfort of your home if you are unable to reach us. We are launching in early 2019 and are taking bookings at the moment. (Qualifying reasons apply if via the NHS route). Please send us an enquiry if you think someone will benefit from the service. 


Contact lenses

Contact lenses fitting for all different visions, including coloured and visual correction lenses. We also encourage children to try contact lenses as they see an improvement in sport performance and confidence in general. 


Paediatric collection

We boast a great collection for all kids' age, from new born to teenagers. We also welcome external and hospital prescriptions as we have a variety of choice to choose from. With  a specialisation in paediatric dispensing, we can fit special needs eyewear  like microtia, downs syndrome, cleft lip, dyslexia and many more. 


Sports and Safety Eyewear

We also cater for various sports and safety goggles for all age group, for example cycling, skiing, snooker, protective eyewear which are tasks specific. We recently affiliated with Eyecare Plan and welcome their clients. Eyecare Plan is a corporate scheme which is provided by employers and we stock their range of ophthalmic and safety eyewear.





Our collection of ophthalmic and sunglasses for all age group are exclusive to us in the area. Our frames are stylish, colourful, affordable, and fun to wear.


We also stock a collection of hand painted and hand finished quality eyewear for those who want something a bit more unique.


As part of your eye care, we also advise you on the suitable eye drops for contact lenses wearers or if you suffer from blepharitis and dry eyes management.


We also have a paraben-free vegan eye make-up and UV protection for the whole face.


Get in touch with us today directly by filling in the enquiry form below. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Tel: 0208 446 5223 

The closest parking sites are on Stanhope Road and Lodge Lane:

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